Jan 3, 2012

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0. Spackeriade – I’ll Be Back For More Datalove!

There can be no reasonable discussion about data privacy without also talking about post privacy. For several reasons however there was no place for that at the 28C3, so I fled the Congress on the third day and went to the 0. Spackeriade, a meeting point for people interested in discussing freedom of information and the loss of control over our own data.

I didn’t have time to listen to every talk, but I visited or watched several online: 

(picture by naturalismus, cc-by-sa)

I can highly recommend all of them, especially if you’re not too familiar with the discussed issues, the talks are quite beginner-friendly. Sadly, I missed the talk Fickileaks - Post Privacy X-Treme (who doesn’t like a lecture on sex, polygamy and polyamory?), which, in addition, is still not available online due to camera problems (that can’t be a coincidence!).

One thing I have to highlight is the very positive atmosphere. I had the impression that everyone was accepted, questions and new approaches were welcome. I don’t agree with every thesis stated by the Spackeria by far, but there was always a possibility for discussion and objections were appreciated every time.

After the Spackeriade however some incidents were pointed out to me:

I didn’t witness them myself but they should be mentioned, nonetheless.

My only personal objection is that the level of the talks did not always fit the audience. I had the impression that some talks covered many of the basics, while most of the audience were already further ahead, having read and discussed on the topic before. On the other hand, the talks didn’t leave anyone behind who was just starting to delve into the details of post privacy.

I definitely will be there next time (if the 2012 apocalypse doesn’t get in my way).

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